Let’s change
how we talk about
gynaecological cancers.

We stand together as daughters, sisters and mothers;
together we can make these cancers #SilentNoMore.



The 5 gynaecological cancers are often referred to as Silent Killers. Understand the symptoms, and make these cancers #SilentNoMore.



Find out the ways that you can help us change the future of gynaecological cancers.



Let's change how we talk about female health, and understanding the symptoms that will save lives. Start talking today and support Lady Garden Foundation.


Today, and every day,
58 women in the UK will receive the life changing news of a gynaecological cancer diagnosis.


The Lady Garden Foundation is on a mission to raise significant funds for research that can drastically reduce these diagnoses and devastating outcomes.

The 5 gynaecological cancers, Ovarian, Cervical, Uterine, Vulval and Vaginal, are often referred to as Silent Killers, not only because of their complicated symptoms which can be missed by healthcare professionals, but also due to a lack of awareness surrounding these diseases.

We believe that if we don’t talk about it, we can’t change it.

So join our revolution and change the conversation.

Stand with us and make these cancers #SilentNoMore.


Women In Business Breakfast at Annabel's

Generously hosted in the Garden at Annabel’s, an otherwise cold Monday morning was transformed by the first ever Women In Business Breakfast, in aid of the Lady Garden Foundation.


Tabitha Webb Teams Up With The Lady Garden Foundation for Valentine’s 2019

The British designer and entrepreneur Tabitha Webb has teamed up with the women’s charity The Lady Garden Foundation on an exciting project for Valentine’s 2019.

Screenshot 2019-01-31 08.53.31.png

Chloe Delevingne gets a Smear Test live on BBC

The Lady Garden are unbelievably proud of co-founder Chloe Delevingne for having a cervical smear test on live television, in a bid to combat the stigma around getting checked. Chloe herself discovered abnormal cells when she was 21, but recent figures show that cervical screening is at its lowest levels in two decades, with one in three women not taking their screening tests.


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