Alex Lawson's Poem

Alex Lawson

Lady Garden Foundation supporter and PT at KXU Chelsea, Alex Lawson, has penned the poem below for his teenage daughter.

As a Dad I want to be as close to my teenage daughter as I can be, and this poem helped us connect over something she may not have wanted to talk to me about. I’ve got a six year old daughter too so will no doubt have to put pen to paper again in the coming years.


Before I get started I just have to say,
Learning about periods only happened today. 
Ovaries, cervixes and Fallopian tubes, 
Ova, gametes and sore swollen boobs. 
Days in a row, menstruation takes place,
You’ll feel rather tired and you’ll bloat in the face. 

Premenstrual syndrome, a ‘joy’, so I’m told,
Every woman will suggest a hot water bottle to hold. 
Really it’s nature at its absolute best,
In some ways you’d say it’s the ultimate test. 
Only females you see can create life on earth, 
Decades from now you’ll no doubt give birth. 

Hopefully I’ll still be around to write a poem about your menopause. 

Love you always,

Lady Garden Foundation