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Tamara is a Co-Founder of The Lady Garden Foundation. Tamara’s varied career includes writing and TV presenting, whilst acting as a consultant to several businesses. She is also an Ambassador to several luxury brands.

Tamara co-owns and founded The Little Black Gallery - London's stellar boutique Photography Gallery. The Gallery has represented and shown many of the most iconic Photographers – Bob Carlos Clarke, Terry O’Neill, Norman Parkinson, Duffy, Chris Levine, Patrick Lichfield, Vee Spears, Mike Figgis, Alistair Taylor Young and Anja Niemi.

Tamara is a roving Ambassador for luxury brands Gucci & Valentino. She works closely on special projects with G London, the bespoke luxury jewellery house.

She is also a Brand Ambassador for the luxury brand MISELA and launches her first handbag collaboration with them in November 2019.

Tamara is currently a Contributing Editor to Hello Magazine.

Previously Tamara was the LA columnist for Harpers Bazaar Australia and LA Confidential. She has also written Columns for Esquire, Sunday Express, News of the World, Looks, Ahlan Dubai, and Total Style. She has contributed to GQ, Tatler, Elle, Marie-Claire and the Evening Standard. 

Tamara's Radio and Television career include presenting for The Big Breakfast (CH4), MTV, VH-1, Exclusive (FIVE), Watchdog (BBC1), This Morning (ITV1), was a team captain opposite Chris Moyles on Mel and Sue's ITV1 comedy show The Casting Couch. She has appeared on numerous TV shows including The Jump (CH4), Loose Women (ITV1), Dancing on Ice (ITV1), Come Dine With Me (CH4), Celeb Detox (FIVE), Celebrities Under Pressure (ITV1), So You Think You Can Teach (FIVE). Tamara has also been a presenter on both Liberty Radio and Talk Radio. 

The Lady Garden Foundation:

Having lost my most precious Mother to Gynaecological Cancer almost 8 years ago it still shocks and deeply saddens me that the 15 months from her diagnosis to her passing could have possibly be avoided. Knowing now that had she gone to see her Doctor's when any of her symptoms had arisen we could be telling a very different story.

Cancer treatment is brutal and obviously for the ones left behind, the journey is harrowing.  My sister and I were not terribly well informed on Cancer in general let alone the Women's cancers.  This is probably the scariest part.  Most women are equally in the dark when it comes to the 5 Gynaecological Cancers.  We feel strongly that awareness is the key.. obviously running alongside raising much needed funds for research and Doctors and everything else modern science requires.

Having helped co-found The Lady Garden Foundation has been one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life.  Sharing your sadness helps when hearing others equally sad stories.  In a weird way I feel strengthened by getting on with our mission.

Knowing we are already helping other women and their families and that we are definitely onto many good & exciting leads means that the desperation left by the huge hole in my family is somehow creating a positive, makes her death somewhat less pointless.

I hate problems, I just want solutions.

Tamara lives in London with her husband and their daughter &  young son.

Her elder daughter lives in England with her partner and young daughter.