Let’s change
how we talk about
gynaecological cancers.

We stand together as
daughters, sisters and mothers;
together we can make these
cancers #SilentNoMore.



The 5 gynaecological cancers are often referred to as Silent Killers. Understand the symptoms, and make these cancers #SilentNoMore.



Find out the ways that you can help us change the future of gynaecological cancers.



Let's change how we talk about female health and work to understand the symptoms that will save lives. Donate today to support Lady Garden Foundation’s mission.


Today, and every day,
58 women in the UK will receive the life changing news of a gynaecological cancer diagnosis.


The Lady Garden Foundation is on a mission to raise significant funds for research that can drastically reduce these diagnoses and devastating outcomes.

The 5 gynaecological cancers, Ovarian, Cervical, Uterine, Vulval and Vaginal, are often referred to as Silent Killers, not only because of their complicated symptoms which can be missed by healthcare professionals, but also due to a lack of awareness surrounding these diseases.

We believe that if we don’t talk about it, we can’t change it.

So join our revolution and change the conversation.

Stand with us and make these cancers #SilentNoMore.


Lady Garden x
Cult Beauty Tote Bag

In honour of Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, we have collaborated with Cult Beauty to create a limited-edition Tote Bag, designed to encourage us to stop beating around the bush and start talking about female health. With 100% of the profits going towards the invaluable research into gynaecological cancers that we as a charity leads, this tote does more than start a conversation.

Victoria Pendleton.jpg

The KX & LXU
Lady Garden Run 2019

The Lady Garden Foundation sprinted back into action on Saturday 18th May for the 2019 KX & KXU Lady Garden Run in Hyde Park, supported by Chucs Restaurants and Oakley Capital. The 500 strong participants were joined by long-term Lady Garden supporters such as Victoria Pendleton and Elizabeth Saltzman. Before setting off on either a 5k or 10k course, everyone got warmed up thanks to Paola’s Bodybarre, with Charlotte De Carle on the decks.

DMB-Launch of the exclusive Lady Garden T-shirt at Breakfast at Gucci001 .JPG

Launch of Exclusive
Lady Garden x Gucci T-shirt

The Lady Garden Foundation celebrated its 5th anniversary with their second exclusive breakfast at Gucci’s flagship store on Sloane Street, this time launching their highly anticipated  limited edition t-shirt in collaboration with the Italian brand. Photographed in the t-shirt outside the store by Amelia Troubridge, were Lady Garden Ambassador Suki Waterhouse, Ikram Abdi Omar, Serghinio Wooter and Kayden H.

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